About Me

Hello Healthy Foodie Friends!

If you share my passion for discovering gluten free vegan recipes, you've landed on the right blog! Together we can turn any dish into a healthy delicacy -- using only vegetable-based products without losing a bit of the delicious flavor and texture! 

Ever since I was diagnosed with Celiac at age 15, I have been creating my own alternative cuisine. Now 31, I know from experience that incorporating more of these real foods into your day increases your energy, makes your skin literally glow and creates a sense of equilibrium with your mind. You feel vibrant, which encourages you to continue eating more vegetables. When we cook with our hearts and for our hearts, the food just tastes yummier! 

I'm so happy you've decided to join me on this journey :)

Sasha (and my dog Toby)

p.s. you can always email me at kalewithlove@gmail.com!


  1. Sasha,

    I just came across your blog and I love it! I am 23 and was just diagnosed within the last three months. It's a total life style change and has been difficult for me but I'm excited to try out some recipies you have posted! Thanks for sharing with us!


    1. Hey Alyssa, thank so much!! :) I'm glad we can go on this gluten free journey together :) Keep me posted!! xoxo

  2. Hi Sasha,

    Love this site and the meal ideas. I don't have Celiac disease, but have found that this is a healthy life style that I would prefer for myself and my children. I'm looking forward to making these recipes and seeing what you make next!


  3. I love you...
    ...but how can i follow this blog using blogger?? :-------(

  4. Hi!
    I LOVE this website! I don't have Celiac disease, nor am I a vegan or allergic to gluten, these recipes are just so good! I love cooking and experimenting with food so this site is perfect for making delicious and healthier meals! :)

  5. Sasha,

    I've come across your blog a few times now and I love it! Your photography skills are stellar. Keep up the good work!


  6. If you know of anyone who can help me with my documentary. Please pass this along. Thanks!


  7. Hi Sasha!
    I'm currently sitting around my living room with your sister and four other girls and we are all in AWE over your blog! We just had a huge dinner and now we are all hungry again just looking at these pictures! Keep it up, we're all totally in love!

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